Josh Hamilton's faith takes center stage

After Belting a record setting 28 home runs in his first round of the home run derby, Josh tells the interviewer that he's amazed at what God has done in his life and amazed at how fast he's done it.

If you didn't know Josh's story of overcoming addiction to crack cocaine and alcohol, you probably know it now.

Josh's wife prayed to God who proved to be more powerful than the strongest addictions. The platform for Josh's faith has been built and he is not hesitating to use it.


Tyler Perry Prayer


Please, no singing on the open mic at my funeral. Who's the joker saying "amen" after the big finish. Hilarious.


smashed his nose

Redemption - Part 2 (watch Part 1 first)

Redemption - Part One

Corey Erman


Cardboard Testimonies

to Moosh

This is one of those songs that I never would have "gotten" if it weren't for my little princess, Katelyn. I turn to moosh everytime I hear it. Thank you Lord for giving me a little girl. Steven, what an amazing song for us daddies of daughters. A reminder to cherrish these precious days. We never know when the King will call us (or them) to His castle.